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Dear Deputy,

As we watch a humanitarian catastrophe unfold in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territory, I am writing to you as your constituent.  I urge you to use your influence to pressurise the Irish government to call for a complete ceasefire as a matter of urgency and to speak out against any further escalation of hostilities. 


Targeted attacks on civilians, whoever the perpetrator, are unacceptable. The brutal killing of over 1,200 Israelis on October 7th is inexcusable.  The ongoing bombing and killing of an ever-increasing number of Palestinians in Gaza is disproportionate and is collective punishment.  The death toll already exceeds 10,000, of whom 4,000 are children; over 27,000 have been wounded; more than one million have been displaced and their homes destroyed; and some 2 million people have been deprived of adequate access to food, water, medicine and fuel.  It is clear that this goes far beyond “self-defence”.


It is clear to me that these atrocities erupted in the context of systemic Israeli apartheid policies and practices. Millions of Palestinian civilians, who have long been the victims of sustained and egregious breaches of international law, are now experiencing even greater grief, distress and displacement. Within the international community, many States have stood behind Israel, speaking out on its right to respond to the attacks of 7th October. But they have failed to call for adherence to international law, thus giving licence to Israel to carry out these terrible acts with impunity.  Here in Ireland, how we act now will affect the legacy of our nation as a champion of human rights.  We have a duty under international law to do all in our power to prevent genocide.  We must speak out. 


I therefore call upon the Irish government to:

  • Condemn Israel for its brutal and disproportionate military assault on civilians in Gaza.  
  • Demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire to prevent further loss of life among a highly vulnerable population; 
  • Ensure that life-saving aid and fuel are delivered unimpeded to all areas in Gaza without delay;
  • Call for the immediate and unconditional release of all persons deprived of liberty without due process, enabling them to return to their families; 
  • Express concern for the growing displacement of communities in the West Bank as Israeli settlers continue to attack Palestinians with complete impunity; 
  • Work for a sustained peaceful settlement to include an end to the 16-year-old illegal siege and closure of the Gaza Strip, and which addresses the issues of self-determination of the Palestinian people, and the removal of apartheid policies and practises and settler colonising throughout the territory.  

Ireland’s response should be driven by compassion, but underpinned by our obligations to defend international law. We cannot assume that this catastrophe will not worsen. We cannot wait for it to do so before we respond unreservedly, unambiguously, for the people of Palestine. 

I will finish with the words of ICC Prosecutor, Karim Ahmad Khan, who stated on October 30th,

‘We want to live in a world where there is justice. We have to do better than we are doing right now. There are so many that are crying, and there are so many that are in pain. Collectively, the law and the quest for justice is essential to move out of the misery that we see all around us.’


Please act now to ensure that Ireland stands up for justice.


Kind regards,

[your name + your home address]



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Thank you for taking meaningful action today to maximise the protection of the Palestinian people during this human rights catastrophe.