Maximising support in Ireland for the freedom and rights of the Palestinian people

The primary focus of our work is to influence Irish Government and where appropriate, European Union foreign policy in support of the national, democratic and human rights of the Palestinian people. This is carried out through the presentation of reasoned arguments and factual information, substantiated by the requirements of international law and treaties. While some of this work involves direct lobbying and advocacy work with TDs (members of the Dáil/Irish Parliament), senators and MEPs to encourage them to adopt pro-Palestinian positions on an individual and political party basis; the ultimate aim of changing foreign policy underpins all our work.

Occupied Territories Bill

Sadaka Campaigns

Sadaka runs targeted campaigns on an annual basis, each one aimed at achieving a particular goal such as Irish Government Recognition of Palestine, pre General Election commitments on Palestine and similar goals.

Other Campaigns

Sadaka Campaigns

Sadaka runs targeted campaigns on an annual basis, each one aimed at achieving a particular goal such as Irish Government Recognition of Palestine, pre General Election commitments on Palestine and similar goals.


Conferences & Public Meetings

High Levels Fora and meetings are used to get particular messages to selected audiences. We focus on high profile speakers to attract key decision makers and people of influence.


Sadaka Publications

Writing and disseminating high quality factual information and analysis on political developments in Palestine is a central tenet of what we do.

Education Resources

Sadaka Education Resources

In partnership with the Curriculum Development Unit, Sadaka produced an education resource on Palestine available on the Irish secondary school curriculum. More resources also available.

Visiting Speaker Programme

Sadaka Visiting Speaker Programme

Sadaka organises high level speaking tours with invited guests, primarily from Palestine. They typically involve meetings with the Minister, political party leaders, leading NGOs, trade unions and presentations to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Political Meetings

Sadaka Political Meetings

Political meetings are core business for Sadaka as we attempt to shift Irish foreign policy towards the achievement of political self –determination and human rights for the Palestinian people.

Palestinian Churches

Sadaka, the Churches and Palestine

Sadaka has hosted lengthy speaking tours with leading Christian church leaders from Palestine to encourage the Irish churches to develop pro-active positions on the plight of their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

Trade Unions

Sadaka and Irish Trades Unions

Sadaka has worked closely with trade unions since our formation building on their strong pro-active positions on Palestine.

Recent Media Items

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EU Blasts Israeli Minister: You Feed Disinformation and Mix BDS, Terror (Haaretz, 17 July 2018)

Jewish group congratulates Irish Senate for voting to ban Israeli settlement products; calls on Canada to follow suit (Independent Jewish Voices Canada, 12 July 2018)

Palestinians praise ‘This is apartheid, there is no better word for it’: Calls for boycott growing among mainstream Israelis (Mondoweiss, 3 July 2018)

Ireland Draws Israel's Ire With Legislation To Ban Imports From West Bank Settlements (Forbes, 13 July 2018)

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Palestinians praise Irish bill on Israeli settlements (YouTube - PressTV, 12 July 2018)

A big thank you to Ireland from the Palestinian people (Facebook - The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy, July 2018)

Archived Media Items



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