Current Initiatives

Sadaka seeks to engage and inform Irish policymakers and public representatives, presenting them with reasoned arguments and factual information, based clearly on international law. In our current programme we focus on key aspects of Israel’s denial of fundamental rights and freedoms to the Palestinian people and the need for an adequate response from the international community.

The flagrant violations of international laws regarding occupation require a clear response from the international community in their relations with Israel. By promoting measures such as the Occupied Territories Bill (OTB), Sadaka challenges the Irish government to show Israel that such actions have consequences.

As a growing number of voices denounce Israel’s settler-colonial enterprise targeting the Palestinian people as a situation of Apartheid, Sadaka seeks to demonstrate the impact of Israel’s institutionalised discrimination on every aspect of the lives of those who live in the West Bank and Jerusalem, in Gaza, in Israel, and in exile.

To highlight the sad, cruel and unnecessary targeting of young people, Sadaka, The Ireland Palestine Alliance will be routinely sending a postcard to all 220 members of the Dáil and Seanad.

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