What YOU can do

Some ideas for action

There are endless opportunities for you to take action in support of the Palestinian people.  The following are some ideas which you can undertake as an individual or with a group of people.

  1. Join as a formal supporter of Sadaka. To register as a supporter costs €30 / £25 per year (more if you can, less if you can’t).  You can join in the following ways:
    1. Fill in our online membership form and then pay on-line with your credit card.
    2. Print out our membership form and post it to us with a cheque, bank draft or postal order to Sadaka – the Ireland Palestine Alliance, Fitzwilliam Hall, Fitzwillian Place, Dublin 2, Ireland.
    3. Take out a bank standing order and fill in our online membership form.

  2. Support Sadaka financially by taking out a standing order or donating online.  We are a voluntary organisation totally dependent on your contributions to finance our work. Sadaka runs on very limited resources and standing orders help us greatly to keep our campaign work going, grow as an organisation and plan effectively for the future. You can give a general contribution or contribute towards a particular project.  For information on particular projects which require sponsorship, please email us at info@sadaka.ie

  3. Always boycott Israeli goods.  Items to pay particular attention to include fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables (particularly organic produce, oranges, avocadoes, potatoes, tomatoes), dead sea products, other cosmetic products such as the ‘Yes to Carrots’ range, luxury biscuits and crackers, plastic storage boxes and garden furniture (keter in particular) designer clothing, dancewear.  Bottom line is – always check the label! 

  4. Write to your local supermarket owner or other retailer and ask them to stop stocking Israeli produce.  Give them the reasons why and if possible – provide them with an alternative brand. 

  5. If you work in a bar, restaurant or any other part of the catering industry – encourage your business’s buyers not to buy Israeli produce. Ask them to promote this within the bar / restaurant and use it as a selling point – conscience free dining!

  6. If you are involved in a film club, arts festival, film festival or other arts initiative – do not accept funding or sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy.   The Israeli Embassy in Ireland has recently been attempting to secure some positive public relations by sponsoring arts events the length and breadth of Ireland.  Do not allow them to salve their consciences by throwing a few hundred euros at events and festivals!

  7. If you are aware of any festival or event which has accepted sponsorship – ask them to return the money – explaining the moral reasons for doing so – or if they refuse – organise a protest outside the event.

  8. If you are involved with a school, community group, women’s group, churches group, trade union, sports team, etc. – set up a twinning arrangement with a group in Palestine. Invite members of their group over – give them an opportunity to tell their story.  See for example, www.youthconnectionsforpeace.org.    If you want information on groups to link with, email us at info@sadaka.ie

  9. Go to Palestine and see for yourself.  Trips are organised annually from Ireland.  They involved a week of meetings, briefings with Palestinian and Israeli organisations, visits to key sites, etc. For more information on these trips – email westbanktrip@eircom.net   Be warned – it will change your life!
Engage the Media!

Everyone has a part to play – choose the best one for you!

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