Israel’s labelling of Palestinian human right defenders ‘unacceptable’

PRESS RELEASE: 24th October 2021


On Friday last, 22nd October, the Israeli government designated six Palestinian human rights organisations as terrorist institutions. This designation effectively outlaws the activities of these civil society groups and allows Israeli authorities to take measures against them, including; to close their offices, seize their assets, arrest and imprison their staff, prohibit funding and it even outlaws expressing support for their activities. It is in effect an attempt to eradicate all activities of Palestinian civil society.

Marie Crawley, Chair of Sadaka the Ireland Palestine Alliance stated:

‘Israel’s decision to label six Palestinian human rights organisations as ‘terrorist’ organisations represents a totally unacceptable development in Israel’s relentless and systematic operation against Palestinian NGOs and human rights defenders. It is no coincidence that a number of the organisations targeted by Israel are engaged in documentation of human rights violations and have cooperated closely with the International Criminal Court in its probe into war crimes committed by the state of Israel in the West Bank and Gaza. This move to besmirch these organisations and prevent the gathering of information which may be used in evidence against Israel in the ICC must be resisted in the strongest possible terms by the international community. We urge Minister Simon Coveney to call on the Israeli Government to immediately rescind its decision. Ireland must take a leading role in the EU in defending these civil society organisations, many of whom are global leaders in defence of human rights work.

Sadaka has worked alongside Al Haq for many years and were proud to partner Defence for Children International in our September campaign on the rights of Palestinian children to access education free from harassment and intimidation by the Israeli military and illegal settlers. Since when does advocacy for the rights of children become an act of terrorism? The six floor high banner which recently hung over Liberty Hall in the centre of Dublin was a Sadaka / Defence for Children International initiative – was a powerful statement regarding Israeli violations against Palestinian children – not an act of terrorism. We are honoured to call these organisations our partners. We cannot conduct effective advocacy work here in Ireland without the statistical evidence, documentation, eye witness accounts and legitimacy they bring to our work.

This direct attack on human rights defenders must be stopped – immediately.’

Marie Crawley
Chair, Sadaka - the Ireland Palestine Alliance.
24th October 2021.

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