Visiting Speaker Programme (High Level Forum 2017)

Dr. John Reynolds: 'Ending the Illegalities'.


Sadaka photos: Dr. John Reynolds, address to Sadaka High Level Forum on Palestine 2017 Profile: Dr. John Reynolds was appointed Lecturer in International Law at the Department of Law, National University of Ireland, Maynooth in 2014. Prior to this he taught at the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights in Venice, and held the NUI’s EJ Phelan Fellowship in International Law. John holds Ph.D and LLM degrees in international law from NUI Galway. John's research focuses on the operation of international law in contexts of conflict, crisis and colonialism. His work appears in journals such as the European Journal of International Law, Third World Quarterly, the Journal of International Criminal Justice, the Journal of Conflict & Security Law, the Journal of Legal Pluralism & Unofficial Law, and the Palestine Yearbook of International Law.




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