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The Sadaka Churches Campaign for Justice in Palestine

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Faith Under Occupation Faith Under Occupation: An Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) study in cooperation with the Jerusalem Inter-Church centre title "Faith under Occupation: The Plight of Indigenous Christians in the Holy Land"

Kairos Palestine Kairos Palestine: The Christian Palestinians’ message to the world about what is happening in Palestine. In this historic document, Palestinian Christians declare that the military occupation of their land is a sin against God and humanity.

Christian-Zionism Christian Zionism is predominantly a political movement within Protestant fundamentalist Christianity that views the modern state of Israel as somehow the fulfilment of biblical prophecies. Christian Zionists argue that Christians must therefore give the State of Israel unconditional support.

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The Churches and Palestine

There has been considerable progress in the stance of many Christian churches in recent times towards the cause of the Palestinian people.

Through a desire to work with all sectors of Irish society Sadaka recognises the importance of the role which faith based communities on the Island of Ireland have to play in furthering the cause of peace and justice in that part of the world known to Christians as the “Holy Land”.

The Church is a direct stakeholder in the issues surrounding the plight of all Palestinian people and of the Christian presence in particular. Sadaka in seeking to educate and raise the consciousness of the Irish people to the historical and contemporary aspects of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and the denial of rights to the Palestinian people, Muslim and Christian alike, realises the vital role that faith based communities can play in this process.

We are currently building working relationships with representatives of a broad range of churches and partly in pursuit of this we have organised two tours of Ireland for senior Palestinian church leaders:

Palestinian Church Leaders, guests of Sadaka in Dublin

From 10th - 16th April 2013, Sadaka hosted a visit of eminent Christian church leaders from Palestine. The purpose of the visit was to encourage endorsement of Kairos Palestine by the Irish Christian churches. Kairos Palestine is the Christian Palestinians’ declaration to the world about what is happening in Palestine.

More information on the Church Leaders Tour 2013

Palestinian Church Leaders, guests of Sadaka in Ireland

Sadaka (in partnership with Christian Aid and Trócaire) hosted a week-long series of engagements in November/December 2010 for three eminent church leaders from Palestine:

  • HE Archbishop Theodosius Hanna of the Greek Orthodox Church;
  • The Most Reverend Monsignor Manuel Musallam of the Latin Catholic Church;
  • Mr Constantine Dabbagh of the Middle East Council of Churches.

More information on the Church Leaders Tour 2010

Informative videos

Israeli repression of Palestinian Christians "Israeli repression of Palestinian Christians, " a Press TV presentation on the plight of indigenous Christians in the Holy Land, includes interview with Irishman John Dorman (IPSC) and Sadaka patron Rev. Stephen Sizer.

Palestinian Church Leaders Tour of Ireland 2010Palestinian Church Leaders Tour of Ireland. The three Church Leaders from Palestine address a meeting a meeting Trócaire (the Irish Catholic aid agency) 30/11/2010.

Irish Church Leaders – Holy  Land Visit 2008
"Irish Church Leaders – Holy Land Visit 2008:" A short documentary on the visit of four Irish church leaders to the Holy Land. Produced by the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.

Archbishop Elias Chacour"Unity Within Diversity: Myth or Reality": An address given by H. E. Archbishop Elias Chacour (Archbishop of Galilee of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church) at The January Series 2010 from Calvin College, Michigan, U.S.A.

Rev Niam Ateek"A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation". Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights presents the founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem, the Rev. Niam Ateek, speaking at the First United Methodist Church Portland, Oregon, USA. 16 July 2009.

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