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These links are intended as a resource to direct you to other sources of information. They are all to external websites. Their inclusion on this list does not imply that Sadaka endorses or condones the organisations listed or the views presented. Please note that links will open in a new tab or window.



Never Cast Lead Again 

Love, Laughter and Truth 

News Sites, Journals

Al Jazeera English 
English site of Al Jazeera TV

Al-Ahram Weekly 
Egyptian weekly news magazine

Arab Media Watch 
As the only organisation of its kind in the UK, AMW has filled a niche in striving for objective British coverage of Arab issues, be they political, economic, cultural or social

Website of Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. Often features articles on Palestine

Electronic Intifada 
News, views, reports and statements relating to Palestine

Israeli 'liberal' daily newspaper (English version)

International Middle East Media Center 
Palestinian based news site (in English)

Jerusalem Post 
Zionist English language daily published from Jerusalem

John Pilger 
Journalist and documentary maker John Pilger's collected articles on Palestine

Jonathan Cook 
British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. This site includes articles on the Middle East published in international newspapers, English-language Arab publications and specialist magazines since 2001

Kibush - Occupation Magazine 
The aim of this website is to provide information and alternative commentary on the ongoing developments in the Occupied Territories - the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - in Hebrew, English and Russian

Maan News Agency 
Bethlehem based news outlet that publishes up-to-the-minute news in Arabic, English and Hebrew

Palestine Chronicle 
An independent online newspaper that provides daily news, commentary, features and book reviews

Palestine Internationalist 
The Palestine Internationalist is an on-line journal that features articles and submissions on a quarterly basis focusing on key issues in the struggle for the liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian people

Palestine Post 
Daily news culled from the Arabic mainstream press (in English)

Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture 
An independent publication, with an often critical voice, the Palestine-Israel Journal provides background material and in-depth analysis of various aspects of the conflict from the perspective of both sides, thus helping to shed light on the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians and the relationship between the two peoples

Robert Fisk 
Robert Fisk’s archive on the Independent website

The Independent (UK) 
The London Independent’s Middle East coverage

This Week in Palestine 
Despite the name, a monthly news and arts magazine published in Ramallah

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs 
The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a 100-page magazine published 9 times per year in Washington, DC, that focuses on news and analysis from and about the Middle East and U.S. policy in that region

Palestinian Organisations

Al-Haq is an independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organisation based in Ramallah, West Bank. Established in 1979 to protect and promote human rights and the rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the organisation has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
A grassroots Palestinian anti-apartheid wall campaign

A support organisation for Palestinian prisoners and their families

Alternative Information Center 
Joint Palestinian-Israeli organisation which prioritises political advocacy, critical analysis and information sharing on the Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (now with podcasts)

Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

Al-Multaqa: The Arab Thought Forum

Association of 40
An association for the recognition of the Unrecognsied Arab Villages

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights is an independent, community-based non-profit organization mandated to defend and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees and IDPs.

Behind the Wall 
Behind The Wall is a portal for Palestinian youth.  It provides a platform for teenagers to speak honestly and openly about their opinions and experiences in the Occupied Territories.

Defence for Children International - Palestine Section

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group

Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen‘s Rights

The Palestinian Return Centre

Israeli Organisations

Anarchists Against the Wall (Israel) 
Israeli anarchist direct action group

An Israeli information centre for human rights in the Occupied Territories

Checkpoint Watch (Machsom Watch) 
Machsom Watch was founded in January 2001 in response to repeated reports in the press about human rights abuses of Palestinians crossing army and border police checkpoints

Refusing For Israel  (Courage to Refuse)
A site for and run by IDF conscientious objectors against the occupation of the West bank and Gaza strip. Includes news, articles and support for IDF

Gush Shalom (Peace Bloc) 
Israeli peace group led by Uri Avnery

ICAHD - Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories

Grassroots movement of Arabs and Jews working to break down the walls of racism and segregation by constructing a true Arab-Jewish partnership. A future of equality, justice and peace begins today, between us, through concrete, daily actions of solidarity to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and to achieve full civil equality for all Israeli citizens.

Other Irish Palestinian Solidarity Organisations

Free Gaza Movement (Ireland) 

Palestine’s Child (
Palestine’s Child is a Belfast run charitable organisation  that supports a number of NGOs working with children caught up in the front line of violence and military occupation.

Galway Palestine Children’s Charity (
The Galway based charity, Ireland Palestine Children's Appeal has begun importing the oil into Ireland.

Irish Medical Aid for Palestine (
Irish MAP will work with all sectors of Palestinian society and with sister organisations from outside Palestine for the improvement of health in Palestine. Irish MAP will co-operate and co-ordinate its work with other charities and non-governmental organisations to maximise its effectiveness and efficiency.

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (
The IPSC was set up in late 2001 by a group of established Irish human rights and community activists, academics and journalists who were deeply concerned with the current situation in the Occupied Territories.

International Palestinian Solidarity Organisations

Australians for Palestine 
Australian solidarity group

Boycott Israeli Goods 
The Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) Campaign British website

Canada  Palestine Support Network 
Canada-Palestine Support Network gathers Canadians of all backgrounds who support the human, democratic, and national rights of the Palestinian people. It aims to change the policies and actions of the Canadian government so that these come to support the rights of the Palestinian people.

Christian Peacemaker Teams - Hebron 
Website of the CPT in Hebron, on the front lines against settler violence

Durham PSC 
Website of the Durham PSC

European Jews for a Just Peace 
European Jews for a Just Peace, EJJP, is a federation of Jewish groups from different European countries. Its principles are formulated in the Amsterdam Declaration

France Palestine Solidarity Association 
Website of the France Palestine Solidarity Association

Free Gaza International 
Website of the Free Gaza Movement

Global BDS Movement is born out of the need to offer all those interested and active in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement a shared space for information, analysis, exchange of ideas and experiences. This website is overseen by the steering committee of the Palestinian BDS National Committee and has been adopted as a tool of the ICNP (International Coordinating Network on Palestine) to support efforts of networking and coordination.

Grupo de ONGs por Palestina 
Spanish solidarity organisation

International Solidarity Movement 
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles

Jewish Voice for Peace

Jews for a Just Peace 
An organization of Jews living in Vancouver, BC, Canada whose purpose is to build support in our community for a fair and just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Leicester PSC
Website of the Leicester PSC

Manchester PSC
Website of the Manchester PSC

Not in My Name

CCIPPP (Protection Palestine)
French Solidarity Organisation

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Website of the SPSC

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Britain) 
Website of the British PSC

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel 
PACBI's website

Stop the Wall 
Grassroots Palestinian anti-apartheid wall campaign

Viva Palestina 
Website of the Viva Palestina aid convoy

York PSC 
Website of the York branch of the PSC 



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