Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018


On 11th July, Seanad Éireann voted on Senator Frances Black's Occupied Territories Bill 2018. The Bill passed a second reading with 25 Senators voting for the Bill and and 20 senators, mainly Fine Gail, voting against. When enacted, this Bill will ban imports from Israeli settlements established on stolen Palestinian land, a War Crime under international law.

Ireland must introduce a ban on trade with Israeli settlements

Sadaka, Trócaire, Christian Aid, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Senator Frances Black and other members of the Seanad Civil Engagement Group are working together on this initiative. The Green Party, Fianna Fáil, the Labour Party, Sinn Féin and the Social Democrats all committed their support for this Bill as did a number of independents. That means a majority of TDs and Senators now support it. Unfortunately, the Government is opposing it, claiming it is incompatible with EU law. This is despite the fact that several eminent legal experts – including former Attorney General Senator Michael McDowell and judge on the International Court of Justice Professor James Crawford – have said that EU law does not prevent Member States from banning trade with Israeli settlements.

Ireland must introduce a ban on trade with Israeli settlements


Fianna Fáil have publicly committed to supporting the Occupied Territories Bill!  Thank you so much to those of you who wrote to Fianna Fáil asking for their support.  The volume of correspondence they received across the country has had a massive impact.

The majority of TDs and Senators in the Dáil and Seanad now support a Bill that will, if enacted, prohibit imports from illegal Israeli settlements.  But, they will be under very serious pressure from the international Israeli lobby to change their position. So - one final ask!  Please let your politicians know, that we the people of Ireland overwhelmingly endorse their position.  Take 5 minutes to send a short email to your TDs. They can be found on: In your email:

  • Thank any TD from Fianna Fáil, the Green Party, Labour, Sinn Féin or the Social Democrats and any Independent who supports the Bill.
  • Include "Occupied Territories Bill – THANK YOU" in the subject.
  • If you have written specifically to your local representatives in Fianna Fáil, please thank them for the position they adopted this week

Fourteen Local Councils (in red) already support a ban on the import of goods from Israeli settlements. Is yours amongst them?

Ireland must introduce a ban on trade with Israeli settlements

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