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  • Proinsias De Rossa MEP

    Proinsias De Rossa MEP

    Proinsias De Rossa was elected to the European Parliament as a member of the Labour Party in June 2009 for his fourth term as an MEP, having first been elected in 1989. In national politics, Proinsias formerly served as President of the Workers Party and subsequently as Leader of Democratic Left. He has been a senior member of the Labour Party for a long number of years. He served as Minister for Social Welfare in the Irish Government from 1994 – 1997.

  • The Right Reverend Monsignor Manuel Musallam

    Father Manuel

    The Right Reverend Msgr. Manuel Manuel Musallam was born in Birzeit, Palestine 1938. He is known far and wide as simply – Abuna Manuel (Fr. Manuel) Fr. Manuel is the retired Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish Gaza having served as its Parish Priest for 14 years. For most of that time the Israeli authorities would not allow him to visit his family and friends in the West Bank.


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