About Sadaka

Sadaka was established in 2009 to maximise support in Ireland for the Palestinian people in their struggle for national, democratic and human rights. We are committed to:

  • An end to the illegal Israeli Occupation and colonisation of Palestine;
  • The creation of a contiguous Palestinian state (with no reference to particular borders);
  • The right of return of all Palestinian refugees and a guarantee of their human rights in whatever country they now live;
  • Abolition of existing settlements/colonies, withdrawal of settlers from the West Bank and an immediate end to settlement construction;
  • The release of all Palestinian political prisoners.  

The primary focus of our work is to influence Irish Government and European policy in support of the national, democratic and human rights of the Palestinian people. 
In addition to political lobbying we also:

  • Build support for the cause of Palestine throughout all sections of Irish society by working with educational institutions, trade unions, churches and other civil society organisations (based in Ireland);
  • Promote mainstream support throughout all sections of Irish society for the Palestinian led BDS campaign;
  • Engage in education and consciousness raising of the Irish people to the historical and contemporary aspects of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and the denial of rights to the Palestinian people;

We are an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation.  We maintain an independent position on internal politics and divisions within Palestine and do not adopt policy or political positions on matters others than those fully consistent with the organisation’s mission statement.
We are a Board of volunteers and all of our work is carried out on a voluntary basis.  We seek funding for individual projects and rely on the generous contributions of our supporters for specific pieces of work.  We are a company limited by guarantee.  We do not have a membership outside of the Board but invite those who support our work to formally register as a supporter.  


The Sadaka Board

Marie Crawley (Chair)  marie@sadaka.ie

Marie Crawley currently manages a Sligo/Leitrim based multi-agency early intervention project for Children and Families. She formerly worked as a consultant specialising in the areas of gender equality, cross-community dialogue, organisational effectiveness and social exclusion.  She is the co-author of numerous publications on gender proofing and mainstreaming commissioned both by the Irish government and the NI Assembly.  She has delivered training on this subject to Government Departments in Ireland, North and South and with the Government of the Republic of Armenia.  She has also authored many reports on minority experiences, gender equality and policy to practice handbooks.   A former Vice-Chair of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition, she contested elections in the Fermanagh/South Tyrone constituency following the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. For over 20 years, Marie has served on numerous NGO / statutory partnerships throughout Ireland, mainly in the areas of rural development, gender equality and the implementation of peace and reconciliation programmes.  A former Chair of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Marie has a long standing involvement in Palestinian solidarity work and visits the West Bank annually. She is co-founder and current Chair of Sadaka. For more information, see: www.mariecrawley.com

Alan Lonergan  alan@sadaka.ie

Alan Lonergan was one of the crew members of the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) boat Dignity which broke the siege of Gaza in 2008. Alan has coordinated events for the FGM in Ireland and has delivered numerous talks highlighting the affects of the siege on the people of Gaza. A former Churches Officer with the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Alan has successfully engaged leading figures in the Catholic Church with the cause of Palestine – securing commitments for the forthcoming publication of a position paper on Palestine and the development of a policy statement in the Catholic churches policy making forum. Highly skilled in relationship building, Alan has made unprecedented inroads in the engagement of the Churches in Ireland. Alan visits Palestine on a regular basis and has written documents highlighting similarities in Irish history and the current situation in Palestine. Alan works with an agricultural consultancy and is a co-founder of Sadaka. In 2008, Alan was awarded Palestinian citizenship for his solidarity activities.

Dr. David Morrison  david@sadaka.ie

David Morrison was born in Northern Ireland and studied physics at Queens University, Belfast, being awarded a doctorate in 1968. While a student he became active in the Civil Rights movement and he has been involved in politics ever since. Since 9/11, he has produced critiques of the propaganda by which the US and the UK, under Bush and Blair, and their successors, have sought to justify their aggressions in the Muslim world. He has exposed the double-standards which they apply to countries which they are seeking to demonise as enemies, on the one hand, and the allies of the West, such as Israel, on the other hand. He has produced a plethora of articles and pamphlets on this subject, all of which are available on his website www.david-morrison.org.uk. A number have been published in the mainstream media in Ireland – The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner and The Village Magazine. He is now a contributor on Middle East affairs to the Irish current affairs website, Politico.ie. On Iraq, he has published a number of highly regarded pamphlets on the deception perpetrated by Prime Minister Blair in an attempt to win popular and parliamentary support in Britain for military action against Iraq. For example: Iraq: Lies, half-truths & omissions and Iraq: How regime change was dressed up as disarmament. Commenting on the latter, George Galloway MP has said of David Morrison: "In my opinion, he’s the best researcher working in Britain today, unsung largely. This document in any just world would be enough to impeach and imprison Tony Blair for entering into a conspiracy with a foreign power to wage an illegal war and to lie to his own people and parliament in order to do so".

Today, his political work is largely concerned with achieving justice for Palestinians. To that end, he has been actively engaged in lobbying the Irish Government and other political parties in the Oireachtas and writing reports for that purpose. For example: The European Union's Blind Eye: How the EU ignores Israel's failure to fulfil its obligations under EU agreements for the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Is a "two-state solution" still possible? and other briefing documents for Sadaka Electronic Intifada has published a number of his articles, most recently, The elephant in the room: Israel's nuclear weapons.

Philip O’Connor  philip@sadaka.ie

Philip O’Connor has for ten years been director of a social partnership organisation, Dublin Employment Pact. This has developed and implemented a wide range of pilot employment and training programmes, as well as providing proposals for governments across a wide range of social and employment policy areas. Philip is also chairperson of the European Anti-Poverty Network (Ireland) and of the EAPN (Europe) Employment Policy Group and represents Dublin on the Eurocities Social Affairs Forum. He is a trained historian and has published on historical and political issues, including several books and pamphlets and also through articles in journals such as Dublin Review of Books, Irish Political Review, The Irish Times, Labour and Trade Union Review and others. Philip was Media Officer of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) in 2007-9 and achieved a high media profile for the issues involved, particularly during Israel’s onslaught on Gaza. He is also an active member of Trade Union Friends of Palestine and campaigns on the issue in his own union, IMPACT.

Hilary Minch  hilary@sadaka.ie

Hilary Minch is an international development worker with a 1st class MSc in Development Studies from University College Dublin (UCD). Hilary has lived and worked overseas in a variety of development contexts, including Darfur and South Sudan with Irish humanitarian agency GOAL. In Ireland, Hilary worked as the Reintegration Officer with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and was the acting Regional Liaison Officer for the Middle East, Central and South Asia with the Irish Catholic Development agency Trócaire. Most recently she was the programme officer for Aidlink, an Irish based overseas development NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) with partners and programmes in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana.

Prior to embarking on a career in international development, Hilary spent three years living in Japan on the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme and travelled extensively in the region. Following this, she returned to education and received a Higher Diploma in Business Studies from UCD before working as a marketing executive for a number of Irish companies, including business advisers and accountants FGS.

Hilary has visited the Occupied Palestinian Territories on a number of occasions and participated in the Gaza Freedom March which attempted to break the siege of Gaza in December 2009. She is a former National Committee member of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC). She is particularly interested in the effective implementation of the Palestinian led call for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) until such time that Israel upholds international law and human rights.

Stella Carroll  stella@sadaka.ie

Stella Carroll is the Administrator of a Family Support Project and a freelance journalist. She worked with R.T.E., in both radio and television, for many years and is an active Trade Union Member. She is involved in Community and Voluntary organisations, particularly in relation to the arts and social inclusion in Sligo. Stella has been to Palestine as a journalist, a volunteer and as a Human Rights witness with the World Council of Churches, EAPPI programme.

Michael Robinson  michael@sadaka.ie

Michael has been a trade union activist in the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) since joining the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) in 1983. Michael played a key role in the successful ICTU led Campaign Against Water Charges in Northern Ireland. He drafted the ICTU campaign’s non-payment leaflet and secured NIPSA funding for it to be sent to every household, secured a dedicated non-payment website and produced other material outlining the relatively benign legal consequences for people refusing to pay, which did much to build confidence in the campaign. He was a founding member of ICTU – Trade Union Friends of Palestine (TUFP) and remains NIPSA’s nominee to that group. A report on his visit to the West Bank in 2010, which was sponsored by NIPSA, is available through the NIPSA and ICTU websites. Michael has produced and spoken on motions to various union conferences and produced campaigning material for TUFP. He is a member of NIPSA’s governing body, the General Council, its Civil Service Executive Committee and Global Solidarity Committee. Michael is currently seconded from his department to work for NIPSA members in the NICS and in that capacity he briefed MLAs and gave oral evidence to the NI Assembly’s Environment Committee on the issue of staffing cuts in DOE Planning Service and the consequences for the local economy.

Gerry Liston  gerry@sadaka.ie

Gerry Liston is a trainee solicitor. He spent the summer of 2011 as a research intern for the Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights in Bethlehem. While in Bethlehem, he lived in Aida refugee camp. His research with Badil focused on the impact of Israeli land and planning law on the Palestinian population living both within Israel and occupied Palestinian territory. This research was published both in Badil’s quarterly publication, al-Majdal, and on the American news website on Middle East, Mondoweiss.


Joan Nolan  joan@sadaka.ie

Joan Nolan is a retired P.A. who worked in various sectors during her career. With a long standing interest in Middle East politics, Joan is an annual visitor to Palestine where she has witnessed at first hand the situation on the ground.  Joan is an active supporter of justice for Palestine.

Sadaka Patrons

  • Proinsias De Rossa MEP

    Proinsias De Rossa MEP

    Proinsias De Rossa was elected to the European Parliament as a member of the Labour Party in June 2009 for his fourth term as an MEP, having first been elected in 1989.

    In national politics, Proinsias formerly served as President of the Workers Party and subsequently as Leader of Democratic Left. He has been a senior member of the Labour Party for a long number of years. He served as Minister for Social Welfare in the Irish Government from 1994 – 1997.

    As a member of the European Parliament, Proinsias displayed a keen interest in foreign affairs and social policy. He was a member of the European Convention which produced the 2003 draft European constitution. On election to the European Parliament in 1999 he became a Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council (DPLC). During his last term he was elected Chair of that Delegation. As chair of the DPLC he led Parliamentary Delegations each year to the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and Gaza. He also organised many Parliamentary Hearings in Brussels involving both Palestinian and Israeli experts and activists on the plight of Palestinians in the occupied territories and in Israel. He stepped down from Parliamentary politics in February 2012, naming the issue of Palestine as one on which he will continue to be active.

  • The Right Reverend Monsignor Manuel Musallam

    Father Manuel

    The Right Reverend Msgr. Manuel Manuel Musallam was born in Birzeit, Palestine 1938. He is known far and wide as simply – Abuna Manuel (Fr. Manuel) Fr. Manuel is the retired Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish Gaza having served as its Parish Priest for 14 years. For most of that time the Israeli authorities would not allow him to visit his family and friends in the West Bank.

    During his time in Gaza he worked tirelessly in the provision of pastoral care to the Christian community and was noted for the unfailing help and assistance he always extended to his Muslim brothers and sisters. Fr. Manuel also ran The Holy Family Catholic School in Gaza an institution renowned for the quality of its education. This much respected institution offers an education to both Christian and Muslim children with 80% of its pupils coming from the Muslim community.

    While in Gaza, Fr. Manual also served as the Vatican’s official representative in Gaza. He is currently the President of the Christian World Department at the International Relations Commission with Fatah and is a member of the Islamic Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites. He is the Director of its Birzeit Office.


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